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Cuts that Care and Twilight Babies

On Friday, I visited my hair stylist at Salon John Francis to get a well -needed highlight and cut. The salon is partnering up with Matter of Trust, a public charity that determined to materialize sustainable, eco-friendly systems. By donating all of their hair clippings to this non-profit, they will help contribute to the harmful Gulf Oil spill that is currently expanding throughout the Gulf of Mexico and and the Mississippi delta.
Hair will be woven to make hair mats which will efficiently soak up the oil that will harm the diverse ecosystems affected by the spill. There are over 370,000 salons partnering to donate a pound of hair a day. I was happy to know that my hair would contribute to this much needed cause.
Next time you get your hair cut, ask your salon if they are contributing to the hair mats. If not, let them know how they can help soak up all of that oil. Currently, oil is leaking at a rate of 5,000 barrels a day and is now spanning over 3,850 square miles. The gulf coast is a beautiful and dynamic area of the United States and the world, so we must do all we can to save it! Kudos to Salon John Francis for their kind hearts!
On a more fun note, I was browsing the web and found an interesting article on the most popular baby names of 2009. Twilight has swept the globe as a worldwide phenomenon, but who knew it would influence the new babies of 2009. The U.S. Social Security Administration has crowned that names Isabella and Jacob as the most popular names for 2009. The name Cullen has also jumped 300 spots in the last year. It’s crazy how many people have fallen in love with the Twilight Saga..including myself. Any predictions for next year? I am betting on a rise in Glee babies….Will, Quinn, Finn??? We shall see…

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