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Shoulders and Sandwiches

Today was the day I visited Athens Orthopedic Clinic for my “reoccuring shoulder dislocation.” My shoulder has been dislocating about every month or so for three years. In my sleep mostly, at the gym, while I’m wiping my windshield…ect. Driving me NUTS and not to mention causing me a lot of PAIN! Ouch! It all started one faithful night in May 2007, when I somehow managed to dislocate my right shoulder in the car with my friends, Kelly, Kacie, Hannah and somehow…we ended up driving to our boss, Doug’s house. Crazy highschoolers. Anyways, the painful and humurous situation landed us in the emergency room where half of my family came to the rescue. All together, one of the funniest and most painful memories of my life! They popped my shoulder back in place using morphine (ahhh, good drugs) and the Stimson’s Method of relocation. Quite a night…I must say.

Well, the verdict is dun dun dun…….Surgery. 😦 No more dislocations for me!!!! Although it will be a tough recovery, it is best for me to do this while I have time in the summer.

After my appointment, I enjoyed a nice Apple and Sharp Cheddar Sandwich at Marti’s at Midday on Prince Ave. I enjoyed the quaint atmosphere and read a Food and Wine magazine circa 2000. Who the crap keeps magazines around for that long??? Good food, kinda pricey, but cute place. You should go there. And eat one of those giant cookies I didn’t eat!

Anyways, here’s to fixin’ shoulders and eatin’ sandwiches!

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