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Pictures from the Weekend

This past weekend was so much fun!
I got to see this sweet girl.

And this precious boy.

I also went to ASO and saw Idina Menzel, one of the BEST Broadway performers!

I hadn’t eaten anything since 2 pm, so our group headed over to the Highlands for Murphy’s.
I got the sweet potato bisque and salad.
And I may or may not have had a few fries and bites of pumpkin pie 😉

Here I am with my great aunt Bev and my cousin Rachel
A great evening!
Anyhoo, there’s the update. Today has been a bit crazy. Not much sleep was to be had overnight which put me in quite the horrible mood on top of already being stressed about approaching semester deadlines. Not to worry, the Christmas Mix is playing on Pandora and I have lit my favorite candle. My little room is cozy and has a nice warm feel to it, so I am ready to relax!
Tonight I had a very LATE 8pm cardio session which included 20 minutes of sweaty high intensity intervals on the elliptical, followed by 20 minutes of moderate intensity on the arc trainer. I also made sure I stretched really well tonight. My leg has gotten all wonky on me after the race.
Time for me to get crackin’ on some homework! Onward we must go!
Only 1 WEEK (almost) until Thanksgiving!

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Blogging Crisis

Alert the Presses! We have a blogger crisis on our hands.

I left my memory card for the camera at my mom’s. Ahhh.
This means that you visual peeps (including myself) will have to use your imaginations this week until I can get that card back! I will make things extra descriptive. Not to worry.
Today has been productive. I woke up at 8, showered and headed out for an internship interview! Then I stopped by Trader Joes (heaven) and picked up the week’s groceries including chicken breasts, fresh vegetables and Orange Chicken. Holy YUM. I got a lot of loot for only about $40 bucks. This is why, my friends it is better to learn to cook, not eat out!
This weekend was FABULOUS. Idina was absolutely breathtaking and so entertaining!
Here is a taste of what you missed. She is truly an amazing artist. I have been a fan for years, having seen a few of her shows RENT and Wicked on Broadway! Stay tuned for more pictures.
On Sunday, my roommate Mary and I ran the 5k Turkey Trot here in Athens. I was determined to finish earlier than my last 5K time (30.55) and I did, but not by much. There were TONS of hills. They were horrible, no good, very bad hills that slowed my pace down. Nonetheless, I was so happy to cross the finish line at (30.22).
Overall, I felt a lot more at ease during this race and feel like my endurance has improved. The campus was a gorgeous course to run! Isn’t the newly renovated Stegman Coliseum awesome?
Last night, Michael and I had dinner over at my mom’s and then went home. A lovely end to an awesome day!
I am off to begin working on a paper along with a pile of other projects. Only 4 more weeks of school left!


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Dining at your Desk

I have been at my desk all day long. It has just been one of those days.
This morning I worked on my paper for a couple of hours before heading to Bodyplex. I completed 45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical. Sometimes a good sweat sesh is all you need to relieve a little built up tension.
Exercise can really help a girl out when there’s a lot on the brain. Sometimes studying for too long can really hurt you in the long run.
I was so happy turning my essay in- best feeling ever to get that stack of paper out of your hands.
I am also super happy about my new fashion steal!!! 🙂
This dress from Ann Taylor Loft was only $15….amazing deal. Love the loft.
I think it will be perfect for my plans to see Idina Menzel at Atlanta Symphony Hall!
Equally as important, let’s talk dinner- I opted for simple comfort food. Pasta
I cooked up some Carba Nada Roasted Garlic pasta and topped it with sharp cheddar and parmesan along with some roasted brussel sprouts. DELISH.
The pasta is only has only 19g net carbs with 12 grams of protein per serving! It also tastes better than regular noodles!
I am off to relax and veg out…my brain hurts.


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