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Dining Alfresco

Tonight, Michael and I spent the evening cooking a wonderfully, light summer meal. We grilled up some chicken tenderloins, a few peppers and onions and piled it all on a bed of leafy greens. I whipped up a honey and lime vinaigrette, which was surprisingly perfect alongside the chicken! A few leftover veggies topped off our meal. There is something about summertime and vegetables…maybe it’s the swimsuit!
Dinner was outside tonight. Even though it was hot, it was nice to enjoy the sun setting and the delicious meal we prepared together. It is so nice to cook as a couple. The kitchen is a great place to bond. Oh, and if your man doesn’t want to be inside cooking, send him out to the grill with a cut of meat and he will be just fine. Dining alfresco is simply the best.
King of the Grill
Healthy and Delicious!
After dinner, we cleaned up and went on a 20 minute run. Worked up a sweat, watched the Braves game and enjoyed a bowl of Edy’s Slow Churned Smores Ice Cream! YUM!
To say the least, tonight was perfect. A nice summer evening with my love 🙂
Cheesy, I know. That’s Amore!
Honey Lime Vinaigrette (not exact)
1 lime, juice squeezed in a bowl
1 tablespoon, Italian seasoning
1 tablespoon, chopped basil
about 3 tablespoons, red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons, honey
small dash of sugar
drizzle in about 1 cup of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), whisk well to emulsify
salt and pepper to taste
I didn’t measure these ingredients exactly, I kind of threw it together. The key is to just add and taste as you go! Everyone can cook. Just get in the kitchen. It’s not about making perfect meals all the time, just do your best! 🙂

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