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Koby goes to UGA

I cannot believe it’s already a new month. Being back in school has really got the time flying!

Yesterday afternoon, Koby and I took a walk on campus.


It was Koby’s first time on campus so he was really taking in the sights.


Koby loved learning how to yell, GO DAWGS!

He had the woof,woof,woof down pat!


Then we headed up to North campus for a bit…Koby said he wanted to go to the library, but I told him no dogs allowed.


We walked for about an hour and covered 2 miles…Koby was all tuckered out when we got back to the car. Sometimes its just nice to get out of the house and enjoy a lovely evening.

Tonight, I’m not feeling too well, but I’m trying to stay active by packing, finishing up homework and getting ready for the weekend ahead.

Michael is coming in town!!! This will be his first trip back to ATL since moving to Morgantown. I can’t wait to pick him up at the airport tomorrow night.

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Have a good night Smile Gotta get some work done.



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