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Redemption Run and Weekend Recap

This weekend absolutely flew by!

After my unmotivated run on Saturday, I headed home to hang with the fam for the weekend.

As always food was involved, but sadly I wasn’t in the mood to get out the camera much. Blogger fail. I feel like I am still nervous to be looked at and questioned every time I pull out my camera at the table…sorry people, just tryin to share the experience Smile I have readers to tend to…

Last night, before my roommate and I drove back to Athens, my family and I tried a new restaurant in Lilburn called, Three Blind Mice. The place was adorable although, the menu left a lot to be desired. For such a cute trendy place, the menu was limited to what I would call fancy bar food. Where are the salads, people? I ended up settling for a burger with a side salad. At least half of my meal wasn’t greasy. Can’t win them all.

Via Google


Overall, I loved the look of the place, but their Sunday night menu could use a facelift. It’s worth a try to go when they actually offer their normal selections.

In other news: I RAN 6 MILES!!!!!

Before church, Hannah (my aunt) and I set out to get in a solid 6 miles and we did it in a about an hour or so. Her neighborhood runs will now be known as the “hills of death”. A mile and a half in I was already exhausted and still feeling a little unmotivated from Saturday’s attempt. I paced behind her for most of the part and took several walking breaks to regulate my breathing. Just glad I made it through. Seriously, camelback hills are horrid things….

I am happy that I set a new distance! I am almost half-way through the half!

This morning…

Now that recaps are over, let’s talk breakfast.


Tone it up Protein Pancake….Not as good as Fitnessista’s, but I just realized I forgot the half banana. woops. I topped it with a smear of peanut butter. I also had coffee in my CPC mug.

Pre-Breakfast I went to the gym and did some cardio. I warmed up with 20 minutes on the cross-trainer before sweating it out on the treadmill with 15 minutes of sprints. (1 minute sprint at 8.0, 30 sec rest) repeat 15 times. Sprints are so hard…they are fast and dirty. Whew!

I’m off to shower…gotta get ready for the day! Happy Monday!



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Smiling on the Outside. Unmotivated on the Inside.

Hey! So happy that it is Saturday!

This morning I had planned on running 6 miles but I cut the run short. I didn’t feel too well. I felt nauseous within the first two miles and it was just plain HOT. I cannot wait for cooler temps! I will even take the 80’s. I ran around campus for about four miles and called it quits. I just wasn’t feeling it today.



Smiling on the outside. Open-mouthed smileUnmotivated on the inside.Annoyed

Tomorrow I plan on mapping out a solid 5-6 mile route and getting up to beat the sunshine and heat. I hate feeling like a quitter, but tomorrow is a new day.

Oh, and just in case some of my friends are reading… Look at where I parked! Memories….so bittersweet.


Michael and I had friends who lived in that apartment Smile 

Once I got home, I made two egg whites with some wheat toast. I also had coffee of course and a plum!


Kobe wanted in on breakfast.


Today is cleaning/laundry day. I may even go to the grocery store just so I don’t have to do it tomorrow! Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend. To my east coast/mid-atlantic friends, stay safe with the hurricane warnings!

Interesting Finds:

Healthy Late Night Snacks…

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Top 30 Hydrating Foods

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday. Pretty amazing!

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Gone, but not for long.

I am back from a busy weekend away from my computer….

I come bearing breakfast in the form of egg white scramble, toast and coffee. Boring, but purposeful.

It’s Monday…..another week.


I don’t have much news but I did end up conquering 5 MILES on Saturday!!! This was by far the best run that I’ve had…legs felt great, pace was faster. I was having fun! I ran with Hannah, my aunt and our friend, Andrea at Stone Mountain. It was a fun time.

I’m off to school, but I have a few new recipes for tonight, so I’m really excited!

Enjoy your Monday Smile

Something to think about:

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A Running Story: Guest Post from my Aunt!

I am so excited to have my aunt to share her running story with all of you. She really is such a role model for me and a great inspiration as I train for my first half marathon! I hope that her story proves that anyone can be a runner! I hope you enjoy! We would love to hear some great feedback, so don’t be afraid to comment at the bottom of this post.

A Running Story

Hello, fellow blog readers. I am Morgan’s aunt, Hannah. We may be aunt/niece by blood, but our relationship is more like sisters. We are only 7 years apart and share such a close, special relationship. Morgan asked me to write a guest post on her blog about my history of running. It has become a true passion of mine and continues to be a great stress-reliever. I always wondered what people meant by “the runner’s high”, well, I can now say I know what runners are describing.


Getting Started

Approximately 11 years ago I started running. Now, we are not talking I started running long distance races. I started at a track and would set goals. I would run one lap and then walk two laps. I continued building upon these goals and before I knew it I could actually run one mile without stopping. My freshman year at Berry Collegein Rome, GA, I started run/walking the 3 mile loop on campus. Before the end of my first semester, I was running the entire loop without stopping. The second semester of my freshman year a friend invited me to run my first 5K. I remember crossing the finish line of the race with a huge feeling of success. I experienced it for the first time…the runner’s high! I kept signing up for 5K races. My runs allowed me to clear my head and blow off steam. They started feeling less like a work-out and more like therapy sessions. I would get back to my dorm and feel stress-free while getting a good cardio work-out. Berry College offered great scenery and a wide variety of trails. Just about every run was different and it was extremely easy to add mileage as I continued to set new goals.

Moving on to Bigger Things and Gaining Confidence

My first half marathon was the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half Marathonmy sophomore year. My training was perfect! I used Hal Higdon’s Novice Guide to Half Marathon training program and adjusted the recommended running schedule to fit my school schedule. I did not use anything fancy to train; watch with timer from Wal-mart, running shoes, and an MP3 player. I believe I actually wore cotton T-shirts and gym shorts from TJ max. On my long runs, I would write a Bible verse on a notecard and reflect on the verse as I ran. I found that I was able to enjoy the beauty of Berry’s campus and spend time with God as I trained. I remember crossing the finish line on that chilly Thanksgiving morning and feeling like I could keep running. Again…runner’s high!


Just Run. It’s That Simple.

You do not need any fancy gear. Although, I do recommend being fitted at a running shoe store for shoes once you decide that you like the hobby. You will enjoy running 10 times more if you have the right shoes and socks that fit you. Music is optional; however, I do recommend it for long runs…especially a good Michael Jackson song on those tough hills. The beat will keep you running to the top! I have a Garmin watchwith a heart rate monitor that I have used to track mileage. When I first started training for races, I would use a stopwatch and see how long it would take me to complete 3 miles, 6 miles, 9 miles. I could then go out without any watch and know what pace I would usually be running.


My main point is enjoy yourself, set goals, but then allow yourself time to run just for the fun of it. If you get to a point that you stop enjoying the hobby, try backing off for a while, and change up your work out. Try trail running or sign-up for a fun race like the Warrior Dash or even more extreme…Tough Mudder. If you are hesitant to start on your own, then join a running group or grab a friend and start walking together.


Tackle New Challenges

I have now completed 2 marathons and am now starting to train for my first Goofy Challenge…39.3 miles of fun at Disney World. You run a half marathon on Saturday and then a marathon on Sunday. Yes, it seems extreme, but I am ready to set the bar higher. I love running and I am by no means a record setter. I set my own goals and will run some races without even starting my stopwatch.

Running can be fun if you allow yourself to experience it. Do not be too hard on yourself, but set achievable goals and build upon them. I hope that you are able to enjoy the sport as much as I have. Good luck and remember to have fun!



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Time Flies…

Time flies when you’re having fun!

I had the best week up in Morgantown with Michael! Long-distance relationships are not easy by any means. It really takes a lot of team work, communication and trust to make it work! In my case, I also feel like you have to be willing to be flexible. The LDR is all about making the most of time! That means having fun and simply enjoying each other’s company!


Even though I was home by myself last week and yesterday, I made the most of my time alone by creating workouts to keep me sane and continuing to focus on my half-marathon training. It was really great to run in a new place like my 4 miles along the river.

In case you missed out on our activities…

We ate a lot of cookies.

We ran in a torrential downpour.

We ate a lot!

The good thing about my relationship is that we are okay with being at home sometimes. The simple act of watching Jersey Shore or cooking together is time well spent. Smile

I am taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi at Pittsburgh airport and just in case you wanted to know…I had a decent piece of quiche and fruit for breakfast. Hit the spot!


I’m sad to be leaving, but a BUSY week awaits. School starts in a week! Eeek.

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