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Vanity Sizing

Good Morning! Isn’t my oatmeal beautiful?


In the mix:  1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, cocoa powder, raspberries, tablespoon of melty peanut butter

It’s rainy and drizzly here in Athens, but who cares?! It’s 59 degrees outside! I seriously couldn’t be happier.

Breakfast was delicious after a sweaty 6:30 AM treadmill run at the gym. I took it easy after being sick all weekend. I ran at a 10 min mile pace for 4 miles. I was sweating, so I feel like I’m back into half marathon training!

Vanity Sizing

On my ride to the gym I caught the middle of a discussion on vanity sizing on the Bert Show. Dr. Oz was talking about how this is really an epidemic in America because women will go into a store thinking they are a size 8, but really they are a size 12. This causes an increase in low self-esteem. I also found it interesting that in the 1950’s a size 12 meant that you had a 26 inch waist! Hello Marilyn Monroe!


Now, a size 12 in the U.S. measures up to a 32 inch waist! Big difference!

I have experience vanity sizing many times and I always find it frustrating to fit into a “skinny” size at Ann Taylor Loft, but having to go up a couple pant sizes at Express. I truly wish vanity sizing would no longer exist! Oh well, as this article states, “Your clothing size is not a good way to determine your healthy or how fit you are.”

Have you ever experience vanity sizing?? At which stores do you find this problematic?

I’m off to get ready for class! Hope everyone has a great day!

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