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Redemption Run and Weekend Recap

This weekend absolutely flew by!

After my unmotivated run on Saturday, I headed home to hang with the fam for the weekend.

As always food was involved, but sadly I wasn’t in the mood to get out the camera much. Blogger fail. I feel like I am still nervous to be looked at and questioned every time I pull out my camera at the table…sorry people, just tryin to share the experience Smile I have readers to tend to…

Last night, before my roommate and I drove back to Athens, my family and I tried a new restaurant in Lilburn called, Three Blind Mice. The place was adorable although, the menu left a lot to be desired. For such a cute trendy place, the menu was limited to what I would call fancy bar food. Where are the salads, people? I ended up settling for a burger with a side salad. At least half of my meal wasn’t greasy. Can’t win them all.

Via Google


Overall, I loved the look of the place, but their Sunday night menu could use a facelift. It’s worth a try to go when they actually offer their normal selections.

In other news: I RAN 6 MILES!!!!!

Before church, Hannah (my aunt) and I set out to get in a solid 6 miles and we did it in a about an hour or so. Her neighborhood runs will now be known as the “hills of death”. A mile and a half in I was already exhausted and still feeling a little unmotivated from Saturday’s attempt. I paced behind her for most of the part and took several walking breaks to regulate my breathing. Just glad I made it through. Seriously, camelback hills are horrid things….

I am happy that I set a new distance! I am almost half-way through the half!

This morning…

Now that recaps are over, let’s talk breakfast.


Tone it up Protein Pancake….Not as good as Fitnessista’s, but I just realized I forgot the half banana. woops. I topped it with a smear of peanut butter. I also had coffee in my CPC mug.

Pre-Breakfast I went to the gym and did some cardio. I warmed up with 20 minutes on the cross-trainer before sweating it out on the treadmill with 15 minutes of sprints. (1 minute sprint at 8.0, 30 sec rest) repeat 15 times. Sprints are so hard…they are fast and dirty. Whew!

I’m off to shower…gotta get ready for the day! Happy Monday!



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I finally made Fitnessista’s chocolate peanut butter protein balls….aka-AMAZEBALLS!!

These little babies were good!!! The perfect filling snack for class, the gym, a midnight snack….Smile

Here’s how you make them!

  • 2 T of vanilla protein powder
  • 2 T of nut butter, like natural peanut butter
  • 2 T of shredded coconut
  • 1 T of maple syrup or honey, you can also use agave ( I used sugar free maple syrup)
  • a pinch of salt, cinnamon

In a food processor (or blender), pulse together the protein powder, nut butter and coconut. Pulse till it looks like wet sand. Like this.


Next add in the honey or syrup, salt, cinnamon and sweetener. I used sweetened coconut flakes, so I didn’t add any sweetner….just sugar free maple syrup. Pulse this together a few more times until everything comes together. Then add in a small handful of dark chocolate chips.


Pulse the chips in just enough to break them up.

Now, it’s time to roll the mixture into a ball shape.

Like this,see?


If the mixture doesn’t form well, maybe add a little more nut butter or syrup!

Keep these in a container in the fridge. Eat for snack or a small dessert!


From Fitnessista.com

In other news:

I am babysitting and working this weekend, so I am a bit distracted. I also start class on Monday! Eeek.

I am also so happy that everyone liked the Guest Post!!! I thought Hannah did a wonderful job telling her story!

For lunch, I had a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich! On the bread I spread a bit of Trader Joe’s bruschetta….yum! I also ate a few grapes and a plum.


Planning for a run later this evening….see ya then!


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