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The Morning Off.

Good Morning? How is everyone’s Thursday?

Mine has been wonderful so far because my second class was cancelled which means I am already home and done with campus for the day. Lucky me…..sort of. I have tons of school work to do today including a paper for an English class and reading (almost an entire book). The first few weeks of school seem so sluggish and hard. I haven’t felt productive yet. I guess that’s the senior in me.

First Breakfast/Snack

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Lara Bar on the way to school. Really good flavor.


Second Breakfast- 2 scrambled egg whites with Cabot 75% reduced fat cheese. DELISH. I love Cabot because they provide the 1 ounce serving size measurements on the package. I’m always guaranteed to eat one serving without having to guesstimate! Very helpful, Cabot.

I also had a Tam-X-Ico’s  Lo-Carb tortilla…only 5 grams of net carbs. And tasty, too.

This is how I typically eat…a plate among stacks of books.

That’s just how students roll.


Plans for the day:

Nap, Homework, Meeting, Gym (cardio day), More Homework, Dinner….maybe a movie with Rachel??

Exercise Mantra of the day:

True, so true! Especially for turtle runners.

Do something active for yourself today. Positivity is contagious!


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