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Blogging Crisis

Alert the Presses! We have a blogger crisis on our hands.

I left my memory card for the camera at my mom’s. Ahhh.
This means that you visual peeps (including myself) will have to use your imaginations this week until I can get that card back! I will make things extra descriptive. Not to worry.
Today has been productive. I woke up at 8, showered and headed out for an internship interview! Then I stopped by Trader Joes (heaven) and picked up the week’s groceries including chicken breasts, fresh vegetables and Orange Chicken. Holy YUM. I got a lot of loot for only about $40 bucks. This is why, my friends it is better to learn to cook, not eat out!
This weekend was FABULOUS. Idina was absolutely breathtaking and so entertaining!
Here is a taste of what you missed. She is truly an amazing artist. I have been a fan for years, having seen a few of her shows RENT and Wicked on Broadway! Stay tuned for more pictures.
On Sunday, my roommate Mary and I ran the 5k Turkey Trot here in Athens. I was determined to finish earlier than my last 5K time (30.55) and I did, but not by much. There were TONS of hills. They were horrible, no good, very bad hills that slowed my pace down. Nonetheless, I was so happy to cross the finish line at (30.22).
Overall, I felt a lot more at ease during this race and feel like my endurance has improved. The campus was a gorgeous course to run! Isn’t the newly renovated Stegman Coliseum awesome?
Last night, Michael and I had dinner over at my mom’s and then went home. A lovely end to an awesome day!
I am off to begin working on a paper along with a pile of other projects. Only 4 more weeks of school left!


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