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School Days…

Happy First Day of School!

UGA officially starts back today!

I have started off the day in my most favorite way, PBJ Oats and two cups of coffee!


This oatmeal will never ever get old….never, ever.

I am still house/babysitting this morning. I felt like a mom yelling getting the kid out of bed, making him a scrambled egg and quickly typing up the paper that he forgot to do which conveniently did  not open in the file  this morning….

I slightly overslept, so no time for a run this morning. It would have been nice though, the air outside is surprisingly crisp and cool almost like an early fall!


It’s back to UGA buses….

Park Hall’s hotter than Hell classrooms…

Drinking gallons of iced coffee from Jittery Joe’s…

And wasting spending countless hours in the SLC…

I feel slightly excited, just like every first day of school has felt before…I am certainly ready to begin SENIOR year…of Undergrad that is!

Have a great day Smile

What is your favorite/least favorite part about the first day of school?


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