Smiling on the Outside. Unmotivated on the Inside.

Hey! So happy that it is Saturday!

This morning I had planned on running 6 miles but I cut the run short. I didn’t feel too well. I felt nauseous within the first two miles and it was just plain HOT. I cannot wait for cooler temps! I will even take the 80’s. I ran around campus for about four miles and called it quits. I just wasn’t feeling it today.



Smiling on the outside. Open-mouthed smileUnmotivated on the inside.Annoyed

Tomorrow I plan on mapping out a solid 5-6 mile route and getting up to beat the sunshine and heat. I hate feeling like a quitter, but tomorrow is a new day.

Oh, and just in case some of my friends are reading… Look at where I parked! Memories….so bittersweet.


Michael and I had friends who lived in that apartment Smile 

Once I got home, I made two egg whites with some wheat toast. I also had coffee of course and a plum!


Kobe wanted in on breakfast.


Today is cleaning/laundry day. I may even go to the grocery store just so I don’t have to do it tomorrow! Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend. To my east coast/mid-atlantic friends, stay safe with the hurricane warnings!

Interesting Finds:

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Etsy Finds for Runners

Top 30 Hydrating Foods

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday. Pretty amazing!

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  1. My dog begs every time I eat toast. I swear, toast-begging is a genetic thing for dogs.

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