What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday

Normally, bloggers link up with other bloggers for “What I ate Wednesday” but sadly I don’t know how to do that yet (someone please tell me)!

Don’t you think it’s oddly fascinating to see what other people eat?

Yeah, me too. Okay. Here we go. Some of my recent eats.


Iced Coffee with Skim  from Jittery Joe’s. (I swore I wouldn’t buy them.) FAIL.


Paired with Zone bars for protein…

Salad with grapefruit and almonds…olive oil and vinegar on the side.


Oatmeal with nut butters and berries….


For sweetness…Attune food’s Uncle Sam original wheatberry cereal with dark chocolate and a sprinkle of coconut.


Leftover Orange Chicken


When I am in school, lunches and breakfasts always seem repetitive, but if it ain’t broke….why fix it!

Dinners are usually my chance to get creative in the kitchen. Many of my friends who are either in college or working full time often ask me how I do it. “”Do what?” I say. They normally respond with, “you know, cook like that!”

To me, cooking and grocery shopping is not a chore or a stressful thing. I actually find it quite relaxing and well, fun. Cooking is my hobby, so why not try and do it everyday? I find that planning out my meals and spending lots of time in the kitchen is an escape for me…in the same way that my workouts are a stress reliever. It’s a lifestyle….

Is cooking an escape for you? Do you enjoy it or find it stressful to plan out meals?



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4 responses to “What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday

  1. I love grocery shopping and cooking! If I have a stressful day, nothing makes me feel better than preparing a huge meal from scratch. It makes my fiance’s tummy feel pretty good too :0)

  2. I love baking over cooking, but will cook up a mean feast for the masses and enjoy myself 🙂

    Love your eats girl!


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