Rise Above the Negativity

Hi friends!

How is your Tuesday! Mine has flown by…I am already done with class. Woohoo! Now, if I could only muster up some productivity…

Last week, I had posted about a jeans issue I have been experiencing as a result of half marathon training. The muscles in my legs have been working very hard to get me into running shape. I have noticed that my jeans were fitting a lot tighter in my thigh area, leaving me disappointed with myself.After pulling my jeans on, I quickly took them off as I huffed and puffed in anger. Running is supposed to make me thinner…not bigger!

Since I ran an amazing 5 miles on Saturday, I realized running makes me stronger, not thinner. My muscles are there for a reason and I should be proud not angry at them!

It is so easy to get stressed out over things by focusing on everything that is wrong with us instead of what is great! It is a blessing that I am getting strong and I am happy to have legs that will allow me to cross that finish line.



Today was Quaker Oats, made with almond milk and chia seeds. Scoop of peanut butter and strawberries…Love it!!

I’m off to get some work done…see you later. I hope some of you try the Orange Chicken recipe from last night!

Do you have a favorite way of dealing with self negativity?

What is one part of your body that you are grateful for?


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2 responses to “Rise Above the Negativity

  1. Susie

    I love the positive side of you! It make me positive as well!!! Keep it up

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