Time Flies…

Time flies when you’re having fun!

I had the best week up in Morgantown with Michael! Long-distance relationships are not easy by any means. It really takes a lot of team work, communication and trust to make it work! In my case, I also feel like you have to be willing to be flexible. The LDR is all about making the most of time! That means having fun and simply enjoying each other’s company!


Even though I was home by myself last week and yesterday, I made the most of my time alone by creating workouts to keep me sane and continuing to focus on my half-marathon training. It was really great to run in a new place like my 4 miles along the river.

In case you missed out on our activities…

We ate a lot of cookies.

We ran in a torrential downpour.

We ate a lot!

The good thing about my relationship is that we are okay with being at home sometimes. The simple act of watching Jersey Shore or cooking together is time well spent. Smile

I am taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi at Pittsburgh airport and just in case you wanted to know…I had a decent piece of quiche and fruit for breakfast. Hit the spot!


I’m sad to be leaving, but a BUSY week awaits. School starts in a week! Eeek.


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