A Less Rainy River Run

This morning I drove Michael to work and on the way home, I stopped by the river trail for a  very dry 4 mile run that I should have completed yesterday. OOPS! The cookies got the best of me!



Morgantown  is still very much overcast and that made for a slightly breezy and serene 4 miles. All of this cooler weather has spoiled me! When I get back to Atlanta I have to endure the high 90’s again. Sad smile

I looked forward to getting out for some “me time” this morning. I felt warmed up after the second mile or so and this run felt great! The trail was really pretty. There was green foliage everywhere and little hidden water trickles on many of the natural rock walls! It was lovely.

I love running with friends, but sometimes it’s refreshing to run alone. Just you and your music.

I just got home and tried a Muscle Milk in the vanilla crème flavor. It was sickly sweet so I diluted it with cold coffee from this morning a la Tina from Carrots N’ Cake. It was still sweet but drinkable. Don’t think I will buy it again.


I’m off to complete a list of to-do’s! See ya later for a new recipe! I’ve been in the kitchen a lot this trip! Lucky boyfriend. Smile


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