Lazy Sunday

It’s still rainy and muggy here in Morgantown so it’s been extra hard for Michael and I to get up and do anything. We did accomplish our trip to the grocery store where we picked up dinner for tonight and tomorrow night. I also picked up a few ingredients to bake this afternoon!

As of right now, we Michael is watching the game while I am busy in the kitchen mixing up the ingredients to make Oreo cookies! I think this is a current craze because all over Pinterest, Oreo-stuffed cookies and cakes are everywhere!

Back in July, Michael and I visited our friend in Washington D.C. We were driving around Georgetown and we stopped at a little convenience store called Wisemiller’s Grocery and Deli. The little store looked so discrete, nothing special but oh, it turned out to be a wonderful place that sells the most amazing cookies. The Oreo cookies at Wisemiller’s were phenomenal. Buttery, doughy and filled with chocolate chips and oreo crumbles.


I actually had made oreo cookies before, but I wanted to make some today too. I kind of cheated by using Krusteaz sugar cookie mix, but they were still so yummy!





Oreo Cookies

1 box of sugar cookie mix, I used Krusteaz and followed the directions

1 bag of mini Oreo cookies

Follow the directions on the cookie mix and crush up cookies into the mix!

Bake according to the box directions. Do NOT over bake, you want them to be gooey!

Off to continue being lazy! See ya back here for dinner!


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