Hometown Day


It's a Lovely Day!

I am currently in Lilburn visiting family before I head off to Morgantown, WV to visit my boyfriend, Michael for the next week!

I started off my day running with my aunt and our friend. We ran/walked rolling hills in the neighbor hood for a little over 4 miles. By the end, we were all super sweaty! It’s so fun to run with the girls… I enjoyed talking the whole time! This run flew by!

Lunch was in the form of a Southern classic. I had a BLT at my great=grandmother’s house alongside a peach.



M&M cookies...YUM!


I made the cookies last night using this recipe from Jessica over at How Sweet Eats. These cookies were seriously the most fluffy and tender ones I have ever made. The sugar cookie base would also be great with Snickerdoodles or regular chocolate chip cookies!

I am off to the airport now…see ya in Morgantown!



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3 responses to “Hometown Day

  1. pstreet

    Nothing better than a BLT! Tomatoes from your Uncle Steve’s garden…yum. Alas, your sandwich didn’t really qualify as a Southern BLT…there was not mayonnaise dripping out of the sides combining with the fresh tomato juice to make it a 2-napkin sandwich. Yours looks a bit healthy. Ha.

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