Turtle Running

Slow and Steady..Winning!

I am a turtle runner. I am a new runner. I like to run slow.

This is okay with me, because I am “in training.” I am not a pro at this.

It’s Sunday and I’ve gotten in my FIRST long run of my half marathon training! Yipee!

I tackled a sweaty 4 miles this morning. My alarm beeped at 6:30 and I was out the door! For the first mile or so, my legs felt like tree trunks filled with led. My stomach felt wierd from all the delicious pub fare last night…can we say CARB overload?

Before I knew it I was rounding out three miles and I pushed on through the neighborhood till I was back at the front door.

I patted myself on the back as I walked in the refreshing, cold AC. I showered, dressed and made a batch of whipped banana oats. YUM.

Melty Peanut Butter Goodness

The melty peanut butter that I add to the center is my favorite part. I eat all around it and save the middle for last.

It’s like heaven. You should eat this now.

It’s a lazy day now…its all grey and muggy outside and the couch and Food Network is calling my name!

What is your favorite post-run meal or snack?


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2 responses to “Turtle Running

  1. Awesome girl (: !! Keep it up.

  2. I usually crave a smoothie after a run, but you better believe oats with a melty blob of pb are my favorite breakfast. I do the same thing where I eat all around that section and then savor the pb goodness at the end.

    Great job on the run!

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