Errand Girl

Today, I am errand girl. I have a lot to get done and I am determined to get started. First, and more importantly, Breakfast.
I was rather inspired by Julie’s enthusiasm regaurding her new favorite breakfast. A cinnamon raisin bagel thin, topped with an egg puff that I microwaved (1 egg, 1 white) and topped with fat free cheddar cheese. I must say, she is so right! I love the sweet bagel with the savory egg.

I also had 1 glass of 8th continent light vanilla soymilk (delicious btw) and 1 cup of black coffee.
I am trying to eat more in the morning and taper off the amount of carbs I eat leading up to dinner. Hopefully this will control my mad cravings and crazy hunger pains.
On the agenda:
Best Buy- return camera card
Bookstore- sell books, consider buying my Spanish book ($147.00) 😦
Bank-Deposit Check
CVS-Pick up Rx
Gym- Cardio
Grocery Store
Dinner, The Bachelor!! and Bed.

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