Buffalo Chicken Pizza

At Publix, I grabbed some of their ready made pizza dough from the bakery and set out to make a comforting meal tonight. I really wanted to use up my leftover pulled chicken, so I found this recipe on Tina’s recipe page for Buffalo Chicken Pizza…sign me up!
1 ball of pizza dough (i used publix, but you could use ready made crust)
1/2 buffalo sauce
1 T butter
fresh scallions
1/2 cup ranch dressing**
1.5 cups or so of cheese
** To lighten up the recipe a bit, I made my own ranch dressing using Penzy’s Buttermilk Ranch base. I mixed 1 T of the base with about 1/4 c of low fat buttermilk and added 2 heaping scoops of greek yogurt for thickness. If you haven’t made your own ranch before, I highly suggest it. I suppose you could also use those Hidden Valley packets in place of Penzy’s**
To assemble the pizza, stretch your dough into a crust and place on a greased sheet pan.
In a saucepan, combine butter, buffalo sauce and chicken. Heat through.
Spread a bit of the ranch on the crust and cover with some of the cheese and scallions.
Pour the chicken and sauce over the cheese.
Top with more cheese and scallions.
Bake at 425 for 25 minutes until desired crispness.
This pizza was DELISH hot out of the oven.

Happy Friday Yall. It’s the weekend 🙂


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