2011 Get Ready

I don’t like the idea of making resolutions and feeling like I must finish them, but I like to create realistic goals for myself. This year, I have a few things that I’d like to work on completing everyday, some new things I’d like to try and one big goal that I have set for myself. I think a combination of these aspirations makes for a complete 2011 outlook.
Working on the Everyday
1. Drink more water- I used to be in a good habit of drinking three camelbacks a day, but sadly, school became really hectic and I barely drink one now. I’d like to at least work on drinking more throughout the day. My body feels best when hydrated!
2. Get workouts done in the morning- if I wait till the afternoon, chances are I am more likely to skip a workout. After a day of classes, all I look forward to is resting and hanging out at home. It’s often hard to motivate myself to leave my apartment after its dark.
3. Attempt to quit nail biting- I know this is a nasty habit and I’d love to have pretty nails. I’m going to work on keeping polish on them and perhaps this will help!
Live a Little
1. Visit somewhere new- This year I want to travel to a new city! Somewhere I have never been.
2. Go out with girlfriends more- It’s no secret, but I am sort of a homebody. I love going out with friends, but I certainly don’t set aside enough time for catching up with some of my favorite friends.
3. Try something new in Atlanta- Atlanta is a great town and I’d love to see or do something new in the city!
4. Go to a cooking class
5. Have more date nights with my boyfriend
GO big or go home
1. Run a half marathon- Yes, I signed up for the Savannah Rock and Roll Half Marathon which will take place on November 5!! I am totally excited about starting my training (after shoulder heals of course). Never thought I’d have the confidence to start running and it feels great to finally have a goal to look forward too. I will certainly keep everyone updated on how training goes. I can’t wait to cross that finish line.
Here’s to a fabulous year…I honestly cannot wait to be a happier, healthier, half-marathoner!!



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3 responses to “2011 Get Ready

  1. I love this list, and your fabulous attitude! Looking forward to reading about your progress, and seeing pictures of you crossing that finish line in November, girl! Best wishes!

  2. Thanks to you both! Elizabeth, your Disney recap was fantastic. I can't wait to begin my own running journey!

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