I have reached a milestone in my shoulder recovery.

I started my physical therapy today!
I met with my PT, Trey at Athens Georgia Sports Medicine. He was very knowledgable and explained in detail, the process of therapy, what we would work on and how I can continue to progress. He also told me I can get back on the elliptical (thank god). I am actually happy to start stretching, strengthening and seeing how far this therapy will take me. I think seeing myself begin to heal will be an uplifting and hopefully motivating experience.
Today we just did a few stretches. Trey encouraged me to do them 2 times a day. Suprisingly, it felt great to stretch out a bit after three weeks of not using any of my shoulder muscles.
Onward to dinner. I was inspired by the Fitnessista and made ‘tacos’ tonight.
Romaine taco ‘shells’ were topped with Trader Joe’s Fat Free Refried Beans, salsa, cheese and ‘sour cream’ or a better option, plain greek yogurt. This meal was very satisfying and filling! Another plus was how quick and easy it came together.
I am off to bed! Hope everyone enjoyed their New Years!

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  1. I think those 'tacos' look great! I'm not sure why I've never actually tried them 🙂

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