Big Shoes to Fill

2011, you’ve got some BIG shoes to fill.

I can honestly say that 2010 was one of my most memorable years and reflecting on all of the great memories is bittersweet.

Although I hate to say goodbye to this past year, I can’t help but dream about what 2011 has in store for me, my family and friends.

Let’s look back at 2010…

In January, I celebrated my 20th birthday in snowy Tennessee with friends and family.

I spent another wintry weekend up at Lake Keowee with some great friends playing Cranium, eating delicious food and laughing- a lot!

And how could I forget March, ISLA MUJERES. One week with amazing friends in the most gorgeous setting. Honestly, the BEST event hands down of the year.

When we got home, Michael and I went to see Michael Buble at Gwinnett Arena.


We celebrated AMERICA.

Went to Braves games.

Once summer ended, the lake was our retreat. We hiked to Isaqueena Falls.

I cheered on the DAWGS.

I started running in 2010, completing two 5k’s….a small miracle in my book.

The holidays were spent with family and friends…my idea of perfection.

I also had shoulder surgery. Not exactly fun, but a hurdle to jump over.
And….the year ended with a birthday celebration for one of my dearest friends at Antico in Atlanta. Fabulous to say the least.



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2 responses to “Big Shoes to Fill

  1. love it!! this was a good year. cheers to 2011!

  2. Eli

    Why is Papa Hutch in all of these? 😉 Had an AWESOME year!

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