Getting in the Christmas Spirit (Early)

I just got back from my first stop on “Tour de Thanksgiving” and I am now sitting in my apartment. Pumpkin spice candle is lit, Pandora Christmas mix is playing and I am in my pajamas…yes, I was eager to relax after a long day on the road!
This weekend at my Dad’s was so much fun. Yesterday, my Dad planned out the 2010 Christmas picture. I must say he is pretty creative. We all wore Santa hats and wouldn’t you know? A reindeer even showed up! My Dad gets pretty crafty when it comes to our yellow lab Beau. He certainly enjoys dressing him up as if he were a four year old or something. So much fun.
“Reindeer Beau”
“UGA Go Dawgs Beau”
“Birthday Beau”
Reindeer Beau was certainly a hit with everyone this year. After many takes, the picture turned out great. From the top: Me, my stepbrother and sister, Dad and Dianne.
After the photo shoot, we all decided that it would be fun to go into Nashville to see the Christmas decor at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. The place was huge. It took us at least an hour to walk through everything. The lights were really pretty!

These intricately lit trees had to be my favorite! How do they get them so perfect?

Overall, my Sunday was pretty awesome. The weather was great and everyone seemed to have a good time getting into the spirit of Christmas early. It never hurts to get started before Thanksgiving!
I am back in Athens for a few days and then Michael and I are heading to LaGrange, Ga to spend some time with his family. I am getting excited to see everyone.
Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.
I am thankful for so much this year….beyond blessed!
Off to go for a long run! Goodnight!


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