Roadtrippin’ to Dad’s

This time of year always seems like a whirlwind- a holiday tour of homes if you will. I have officially named this weekend the start of something I like to call, “Tour de Thanksgiving 2010.”
This morning I loaded up my car and headed up I75 North to Tennessee to spend a little time with my Dad, “papa p” and his wife Dianne. The four hour drive was gorgeous- all of the fall colors were beautiful to look at on my way up. I kept myself company with Michael’s iTrip and some of my favorite tunes.
For breakfast, I packed an egg white sandwhich with melted swiss cheese. It was perfect for the car and kept me full until I got to my dad’s! Just in time for a lunch with Dianne’s family. I really enjoy coming to see my dad. They live in a rural area, so its feel refreshing to get out in the country for a bit.
But, quite possibly my most favorite part about my Dad’s is this guy. My dog Beau.
He kinda likes to see me too. He tells me that he misses me and we love on eachother all weekend. I’m kind of obsessed with how precious my baby “Roo” is…

I mean, how could you NOT love him?

We just got back from eating lunch and are resting. We might go into Nashville tonight, but plans have yet to be made. We are all feeling sleepy!


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