Procrastinate and Bake

Today, it is rainy and cold. Gloomy weather, along with a research paper on the schedule does not make for an ideal situation. This morning, I sat for a whole hour, pondering over which classes to take in the Spring. I’ve never been the best at making decisions. I am just to wishy-washy. I am also a procrastinator. BIG time.

I decided to fill my day with a to do list. Go by the bank, the grocery store and clean my room. At the end of my list I wrote: bake cookies. I have not baked in such a long time and it seemed way better than starting a boring paper! After searching for a new recipe, I settled on this glorious recipe.

While I swept and cleaned, the whole house smelled like heaven. What is seriously better than a cookie, that contains a cookie? Especially, Oreos. They still remain a favorite.

After sampling a cookie, which was basically phenomenal, I ate lots of green stuff for lunch. I had to do something to make up for all the sugar that was consumed before hand.
I had a snack plate of cucs, edamame, hummus and half of a bagel thin topped with a smear of laughing cow.

Now that the fun part of my day is ending, I must venture out in the rain and go to class.


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