Back in the Saddle Again….

Okay, I’ve been in hibernation mode for over a month. But, now I am back.

This week, I said goodbye to summer session, said hello to 2 A’s and greeted my lovely bf for the first time in 6 weeks. It was a good week.
A combination of school, work and more work have kept me away, but seriously, I am back.
Should be posting a lot this week, I am heading to work in the morning and heading up to the lake for a few days of R and R with some friends and family. At the lake, we are sure to encounter some good food.
Tonight, I relaxed with some yoga. My new favorite is from Netflix. It’s Crunch Candlelight Yoga. This routine was fantastic! Easy enough for beginner’s, great breathing exercises and overall relaxing. If you have not signed up for a Netflix account, you need to. $13.99 for unlimited DVD’s and watch instantly movies, tv shows and workout. It is well worth the money.
Okay friends, I am off to prepare overnight oats. So excited to be back and blogging. To be honest I have really missed it.

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